Thursday, March 11, 2010

gooood day!

Hello! i'm well into the process of having all of my vinyl converted to downloadable files so you can only guess that there's to be a slew of posting thats going to occur at some point. just you wait. gertha's great goodies and ghoulish gremlin gems are well on their way to a computer near you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lone- Lemurian

Here's a killer long player from Lone plus the two tracks "Joy Reel" and "Sunset Teens". highly recommended!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

airport time

so i am off and away to an all inclusive resort in mexico for 11 days, but i will return with EXTRA LARGE amounts of posting....there's an oversized satchle of tunage just for your ear drums!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hyetal 12"- Neon Speech/Gold or Soul

Awesome spacey synths and nu garage rhythms. Pure Class! link:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Zomby 12"- Digital Fauna/Digital Flora

very organic sounding 2 tracker from Zomby released last august. link:

Mike Slott

4 tracks from mike slott. If you like Hud Mo then this is a must for you. Highly Recommended! Link:

Shortstuff 12"- A Rustling/Stuff

dubby tropical vibes are ubiquitous in this 12". it's a party! link:

Joy Orbison- two 12"s

here is four tracks by Joy Orbison! DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! Highly Recommended! link:

Zomby- Self Titled ep

a bunch of dubstep bangers from Zomby. Link:

Mount Kimbie- Sketch on Glass EP

Mount Kimbie can do no wrong.

Lone- Ecstasy and Friends

Best album i've heard all year by far. So psychedelic and lush sounding.10/10. you must download this! Link:

Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program- Destination There ep

Ras G will take you straight to space and then shoot you through supermassive black holes. the track "Lisa Bonet" is an instant classic! Link:

Ex Models- Zoo Psychology

Really awesome noise rock that includes members of Arab on Radar. Killer tunes!

Faib- Ticking Clocks/Whisper of Trees

2 tracks from Faib, a girl who makes bass heavy electronic tunes. Link:

Annu- Def Vibrations

This is such a groovy album. The song "Filler" is so brilliant and beautiful. Up there as one of my favourites of '09. Highly Recommended!

Hudson Mohawke- Butter

Hudson Mohawke is from Glasgow, Scotland and makes Hip Hop influenced electronic music. Chopped up glitchy beats backed by killer synth lines and wild effects! The tracks that have vocals are a lot of fun. Do not sleep on this!

Ital Tek- Mako

Here we have Ital Tek's new ep. His music has a crushing low end but maintains a deep, melodic tone throughout. Insanely smooth production. HUGE! Link:

merry merry holidays

well, the posting of the nite jewel marks the resurrection of this blog. i plan to get a ton of new stuff on here!!

Nite Jewel- Good Evening LP

Amazing if you are into chilled out Lo-Fi, shoegazey tunes. Has a wicked 80s feel to it as well. One of the best albums of 2009 in my opinion.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Neighbour- Get With This!

Neighbour "Get With This!"
Sorry that you have to name the tracks yourself. This is funky stuff!

1. Neighbour and Spiltmilk- Get With This

2. Neighbour feat. ouda- Musical Giant

3. Neighbour- Jellybean

4. Neighbour- Phyllo

5. Neighbour feat HBR Allstars- Funky Stuff

6. Neighbour- Videogames

7. Eddie Scratch- Human Race (Neighbour Remix)

8. Neighbour feat.ThinkTank- Drunk on the Funk

9. Neighbour- Body Slam

10. Neighbour- What I Said

11. Neighbour- Make it Don't Fake it

12. Neighbour- Pistachio Ride

13. Funktransplant- What is Funk(Neighbour Remix)

14. Neighbour- Peaches n' Herb

15. Neighbour- Man Juice

16. Neighbour- Steppin' To Me

17. Neighbour- Just Can't Get

18. Neighbour- Creative Revolution

19. Neighbour- Disco is Back



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mick Barr- Iohargh Wended

This is a cd by Octis aka Mick Barr. it is called "Iohargh Wended"....All i can say about this album is, uhmm're a real piece-a-work i tell ya what.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

James Blood Ulmer- Black Rock

James Blood Ulmer's "Black Rock"
1. Open House
2. Black Rock
3. Moonbeam
4. Family Affair
5. More Blood
6. Love Have Two Faces
7. Overnight
8. Fun House
9. We Bop

The Crinn- Self-Titled

The Crinn's self titled cd.

1. Sick

2. Tubular

3. Neato

4. Crazy

5. Blindingly (adv.)


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The John Spinnaker Project- 7 Reasons You Won't Like This CD

yo! holy shit i have not posted for a longggg fucking time it seems. anyways, as you may or may not know i play guitar for a band called the john spinnaker project and we recently released this EP titled "7 Reasons You Won't Like This CD". it was recorded by our immensely generous friend Corin Roddick @ Octopus Royalty Studios in Edmonton, Alberta. thank you corrin! also i would like to thank our friend Alex Armstrong who contributed lyrics to this cd as well as additional vocals on "Frequent Monster Swap...". so ya check it out and tell me what you think!
thank you!

1. Sealed in a bag, in a bag, in a bag
2. TK+DG=Foam Fiesta!
3. Math Rock
4. Frequent Monster Swap (Don't Slap Me)
5. Zeitgeist Escapes Fichu
6. Religious Fashionistas and Bitter Reactions Towards Social Situations

Monday, February 18, 2008

Animal Collective- Strawberry Jam

"Strawberry Jam" by Animal Collective
1. Peacebone
2. Unsolved Mysteries
3. Chores
4. For Reverend Green
5. Fireworks
6. #1
7. Winter Wonder Land
8. Cuckoo Cuckoo
9. Derek

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Textbook Tragedy- A Partial Dialogue Between Ghost and Priest

A Textbook Tragedy's first full-length. I apologize in advance if you have to enter the names of the tracks.
1. Appearances/Accuracies
2. Enjoying the Company of Bears
3. Confessions of a Teenage Grammar Queen
4. Flatlining on Foreign Soil
5. Stay Classy, San Diego
6. Cynthia: A Mistress
7. ...A Cadaver
8. The Surgeons at Dawn
9. Dance, Nils, Dance!
10. Dorsia Reservation: Bateman/Allen- 9:00
11. The Ghost, The Priest, The End


Sharks Keep Moving- Self-Titled

Self-Titled album by Sharks Keep Moving
1. Sailor
2. Second Instrumental
3. Join Up
4. First Instrumental
5. Interlude
6. Open Bay
7. Third Instrumental
8. Jet's Jets


Orthrelm- Asristir Vieldriox

"Asristir Vieldriox" by Orthrelm
Track listing:
1-99 Untitled Tracks

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

See You Next Tuesday- Parasite

"Parasite" by See You Next Tuesday
1. Baby, You Make Me Wish I Had Three Hands
2. Good Christians Don't Get Jiggy With It 'til After Marriage
3. Honey, I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Awkward
4. Before I Die I'm Gonna Fuck Me A Fish
5. Here, Take This Pill
6. How To Survive A Vicious Cock Fight
7. Paraphilia
8. Just Out Of Curiousity, Are Your Parents Siblings?
9. 8 Dead, 9 If You Count The Fetus
10. Man-Dude Vs. Dude-Brah (Where's The Party At?)
11. Let's Go Halvsies On A Bastard
12. A Portable Death Ray And A Sterile Claw Hammer
13. Pogonatrophy - Part One: The Hunter
14. Pogonatrophy - Part Two: The Parasite